Finally, it's here...

The first evolution in payroll since the Industrial Revolution. Work, and get paid in real time.

How does it work?

The Etch app on your phone uses Wi-Fi or bluetooth at the site to confirm your presence securely. As you spend time working, your wage flows into your Etch wallet. This money can then be spent from the Etch app or the card.

Guaranteed payments

As you spend longer at a certain site, your phone generates incremental cryptographic proofs that you have been present. Payments are made in realtime, the proofs are used during this process to ensure your entitlement to these realtime payments.

Blockchain benefits

By putting Etch transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, an immutable ledger of monetary flow is generated. Unlike the current model of payment which is opaque and difficult to understand, Etch transactions can be easily audited.

Etch objective

To reduce the time taken between working, and getting paid to ZERO.

Making it easier for low income people to send money back to his or her country of origin. ERC-20 token card

Accessing your account through the app is only one option, we make it easy for you to spend your wages in thousands of stores and ATMs with our unique payroll token card.

You can also request additional cards that are linked to your main account. These cards can be given out to family members here in the UK or in receiving countries, and can be used as a real time remittance solution.

Solving a problem for a billion people - construction, cleaning, retail, catering, bar, care, auto, factory.... in fact, Etch is for everybody who works for a wage.

The Etch token sale is now live. The token sale will last for 4 weeks.


Euros Evans CEO
Tomasz Mloduchowski CTO


Joshua Richardson
Denis Lukianov


Ben Whyte